e €lm “Quadro,” a short silent movie produced
by the !”+# Group from the Sammy Ofer
School of Communications, won the producers’
prize in the !$-Hour Film Project contest held
as part of the Jerusalem Film Festival during
the summer . e contest had the second- and
third-year students specializing in visual content
competing against %& other groups to produce
a short movie from scratch over the course of a
single weekend.
“It was a race against the clock. We knew we
had to €nish shooting before nightfall. We began
€lming at “:#& in the morning and €nished at $
p.m., with almost no breaks,” said Dor Wittlin,
one of the team of student €lmmakers.
e !$-Hour Film Project has been an international
€xture since (&&), and has been held in
Israel since (&&*. In each contest, competing
teams are assigned elements such as a genre, a
character, a prop and a line of dialogue and within
!$ hours must write and produce a short €lm
incorporating those elements. Contests are now
held in more than $& cities around the world,
and the winners of each local contest get to enter
the o/cial global competition.
“Quadro” tells the story of a young man who
lives in a square world and is looking for a way
out. He becomes €xated on the top of a distant
mountain, and becomes convinced that he has
broken free of his shackles. But this proves to be
an illusion, and the €lm ends with him waking
up in bed in a panic, wearing a cardboard box.
“is €lm speaks about the reality we all face.
We want to think ’outside the box,’ on the one
hand, be like the people around us, but also be
di0erent and €nd the uniqueness in each and
every one of us. But the €lm misleads viewers,
and holds up a mirror to their faces,” said
“Creating a €lm from A to Z within !$ hours is
a very challenging task: writing the script, production,
photography, direction and editing, and
even the original soundtrack written especially
for the movie within these two days, in which
our total accumulated sleep time amounted to
four hours,” Wittlin said.
“It is an empowering, educational and satisfying
experience, seeing how an idea becomes a
cinematic product.”
At the contest in July, the judges selected the best
€lm and awarded prizes in categories. “Quadro”
won the producers’ prize.
As well as Wittlin, the €lmmakers were: Yarden
Segev, Dean Kaplan, Tal Hayatt, Ben Bundy,
Dror Lerman and Idan Shukrun.
e actors and production sta0 were: Yonatan
Nissan, Dana Dektor, Dan Aroditi, Tal
Michalovich, Elinor Atta and Alma Reisner.

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